Network Penetration Testing

Know thy network to measure your on-premises and cloud threat exposure. Your organizational network is only as secure as your infrastructure’s weakest link. Di8it’s Network Penetration Testing Service imperatively perform structured network-based penetration testing across organizational network assets with an aim to analyze and detect weaknesses before they can be infiltrated to attain access to your sensitive data with malicious intent.

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Identify Network Security Weaknesses

As technology progresses, network and infrastructure security threats are evolving progressively. The convolution of larger networks with cloud-based systems often result in subtle loopholes and weaknesses that can be exploited for catastrophic breaches. A secure network is a great asset to have because it boosts investor and client confidence in your ability to keep their data and investments safe.

Enterprises trust Di8it with their network pen test security because our network penetration testing services go well beyond what an automated vulnerability scanner could ever do. Our experts employ a range of tools and procedures to find and eliminate weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your network, ensuring that no critical exploits go unnoticed.

As certified professionals utilizing the most innovative and latest infrastructure Pen testing techniques and tools we pride ourselves in our ability to sniff out and patch even the subtlest of exploits.

Digit Labs - Network Penetration Testing Service

Types of Network Penetration Testing Services

Our Network Penetration Testing Methodology

The first thing we do is define a clear scope of what the client needs us to do. We emphasize effective and clear communication with the client to create an environment where both parties are comfortable and we have a strong foundation to work on. During this phase, we:

  • Outline which assets of the organization are to be tested
  • Identify exclusions, such as specific IP addresses or services
  • Confirm the official testing period

We then deploy a range of open-source intelligence tools to gather information and data on the target. We use the gathered intelligence to understand its operating conditions and to help us more accurately assess risks. Targeted intelligence can include:

  • External network IP Addresses and Hosting Providers
  • Known credential leaks
  • Domains used
  • Misconfigured web-servers and leaked data
  • IoT systems currently being used

In this phase, we use a range of automated tools and scripts to gather more intelligence and determine what attack vectors we can use. We look for exploits and lapses in security that we can use to gain access to the network, and generate a plan of attack based on this intel. Some of the things we look at include:

  • Enumerating subdomains and directories
  • Open ports or services
  • Possible misconfigurations against exposedservices
  • Correlating publicly known and proprietary vulnerabilities with applications on the network

Once we have the intel we need and the plan is finalized, we initiate the systematic attack and exploit the vulnerabilities to assess just how far an attacker can get. Our engineers verify the existence of the vulnerabilities and attack vectors while ensuring the integrity of the network. During the attack, we may use the following attacks:

  • Compromising sandboxes and test environments
  • Using breached credentials or brute force to access privileged information
  • Combining attack vectors to pivot across the network or escalate our position in it

Digit Labs also offers remediation testing services to ensure that the client has patched the vulnerabilities pointed out in the assessment. This helps the client gauge whether the vulnerabilities were dealt with effectively or not, and also help find new vulnerabilities that might have arisen because of the updates such as misconfigurations or flaws in a new software implementation. We then update our previous assessment to reflect the current state of the system.

We also offer remediation testing on request after the client has plugged in the vulnerabilities to ensure that the security patches were implemented properly. This helps ensure that the remediation is effective.

Integrate with other Assessments

While we offer Network Penetration Testing Services to our clients as a standalone assessment, it is highly recommended to combine it with Di8it offensive Security Services for optimal threat intelligence.

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