Mobile App Penetration Testing

Avert your Mobile Apps and API threat exposure from a potentially disastrous data breach| Extensive Static, Dynamic and Source Code Penetration testing service supporting both iOS and Android Platforms

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With significant experience of working on both iOS and Android, Di8it team understands critical vulnerabilities and challenges associated with each platform and mobile architecture.
Our mobile app security experts employ a range of tools and methodologies to sniff out vulnerabilities in any mobile app. During the assessment, our security experts may reverse engineer the apps as well to find even the most elusive threats hidden deep within the code. Our Mobile penetration testing service may include multiple attack vectors to find exploits and vulnerabilities related to insecure or unencrypted storage, malware attacks, as well as authenticated and unauthenticated application users.
Di8it team may also employ several testing methodologies including static and dynamic analysis, as well as manually reviewing the source code of the application to find even subtle cyber security risks. We also look for vulnerabilities in how a mobile application stores user credentials and sensitive app data.
Also, access privileges attained through a stolen device to access an organization’s network are investigated.

Digit Labs - Mobile Application Penetration testing

Integrate with other Assessments

While we offer Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services to our clients as a standalone assessment, it is highly recommended to combine it with Di8it offensive Security Services for optimal threat intelligence.

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