Compromise Assessment Service

Structured forensic insight of current or past network intrusions through organized threat hunting. With the increasing sophistication and complexity of cyberattacks and information systems, ensuring cybersecurity is becoming trickier. While active threats are easier to identify, ones that lay dormant for some time and slowly siphon critical data are harder to find and eliminate. The sooner they are detected, the faster and easier the remediation and recovery.

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Why opt for a Compromise Assessment Service?

Cutting-edge threat detection capabilities

A Compromise Assessment is a thorough analysis of a network and linked devices that show signs of unauthorized access, malware, and security breaches, identifying current or past network intrusions and finding any attackers that are currently or have recently been active in the environment. It combines extensive expertise of responding to a breach; and exhaustive threat-intelligence to help secure the organization’s network and information systems. More specifically, the assessment seeks to find attackers who are currently in the environment or that have been active in the recent past.

At Di8it Labs, we use our extensive expertise and cutting-edge threat detection capabilities to identify and eliminate threats. Our holistic compromise assessment service allows us to help organizations improve their cyber hygiene and offers a thorough analysis of their environment, poor security configurations, network security, and potential ongoing or past breaches.

It offers structured insight into network intrusions and malicious activity, both past and currently ongoing, and provides our cybersecurity experts with crucial Indicators of Attacks and the TTP of the attacker. This helps them plan and execute an organized threat-hunt to identify and contain any breaches they find.

Types of Cyber Security Compromise Assessment

Di8it provides following types of Cyber Security Compromise Assessment

Our Compromise Assessment Methodology

The Di8it Labs compromise assessment methodology is designed to validate whether the system is compromised and offer actionable steps to remedy the breach or vulnerability. As a first step, D8it works with our clients to identify high-risk, mission critical systems and data that should be monitored closely and need to be secured on priority basis.

Systems and networks are monitored and analyzed to find evidence of compromise and establish patterns of unauthorized activity over a predetermined period. Our experienced compromised assessment team carries out a proactive investigation, analyzing your network and security to detect and respond to active or recently active threats. Digit may conduct malware and network analyses, host forensics using state of the art Threat Intelligence analyses to help identify signs of compromise.

Our cybersecurity and assessment team uses industry-leading tools and methodologies to identify unauthorized services and processes running on terminals and devices connected to the network.

Applications and other devices including but not limited to memory, disk and other artefacts attached to terminals and endpoints are reviewed. Scheduled tasks and currently running processes are also scanned to detect any behavioral anomalies and network access. Our detection methodologies are closely aligned with the industry standard Cyber Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK™ framework.

Using threat intelligence and behavior analytics, our experienced team identifies the attacker’s pathway in real-time to track compromised systems. Our threat intelligence is garnered from industry and proprietary sources, as well as our threat intelligence team.

  • Common Attacker Tools: Our team looks for and identifies evidence of malicious activity by checking for traces left behind by common attacker tools, such as modified registry keys or executable files that are often left behind.
  • Data Capture: Security and network traffic logs along with output from detection technology are analyzed to collect incident data and identify malicious behavior and provide insight into overall security posture.
  • Indicators Derived from Investigations: We look for anomalies and irregularities in privileged user account data and settings, suspicious registry entries, and other areas by comparing them to our exhaustive list of compromise indicators.
  • Network Analysis: Our cybersecurity and assessment team scans and analyzes packet and log data to identify suspicious communications and network activity that some traditional cybersecurity systems miss.
At Di8it, we conduct extensive research into the most used tools and techniques, while also monitoring various cyber threat intelligence feeds. We then use this information to help identify attack vectors and compromised systems during compromise assessments.

Using the information and intelligence gathered during the investigation, the team perform an in-depth investigation and document results that identifies whether the attack was targeted or not, and what data was potentially leaked. This helps the client remedy the breach to mitigate future threats. If compromise is detected, Di8it reports the findings in the form of clear, actionable insights and recommendations that the organization can implement.

Our deliverables usually comprised of following:

  • Cybersecurity Compromise Assessment Executive Presentation
  • Executive Summary Report of findings
  • Detailed Compromise Assessment Report with analysis of identified evidence, impact, and a technical summary

Integrate with other Assessments

While we offer Compromise Assessment Service to our clients as a standalone test, we recommend combining it with our offensive Security Services for optimal threat intelligence. In real-world scenarios, attackers will use any means necessary to breach your security and any chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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