Advisory Security

As a seasoned cybersecurity service provider, Di8it helps you to uncover the vulnerabilities which can enhance an organization’s risk exposure. Our Advisory Security Services facilitate an organization to secure your most sensitive and valuable assets with some of the most reliable and cutting-edge bespoke Advisory Security Services available.

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Not just another Security Assessment

As a state of the art security services and solutions consultancy, Di8it brings unparalleled expertise and understanding of the latest security challenges and trends. Our clients have peace of mind and assurance knowing that their sensitive networks and infrastructure are as secure as can be.

Network Architecture Review

Di8it’s Network Architecture Review Service enables an organization to uniquely maintain balance between required, desired and attained appropriate levels of security improvements needed to deploy any security solutions along with provision of optimal long-term support and continuous business operations.


System Hardening & Configuration

Di8it offers extensive coverage as part of our System Hardening and Configuration services. To eliminate any vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, we try to be as thorough as the scope allows and scan components to benchmark them against CIS standards.


Cyber Assessment and Security Maturity

Cyber assessment and security maturity service provides a comprehensive evaluation of the security posture of the enterprise IT network, in support of the organization’s goals of determining security weaknesses of its applications and infrastructure.


Risk Assessment

Leveraging our extensive expertise, utilization of the industry-leading tools and standards, such as CIS RAM for maximum effect, our scalable Risk assessment and Compliance services are tailored to your organization’s specific needs.



Team up with a proactive, self-driven vCISO and protect your organization with the right strategic and operational vision along with long-term security program and policy design facilitation.