Network Architecture Review

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Network Architecture Review

Safeguarding Your Organization

With new attack vectors emerging every day, it is imperative to ensure that your network architecture is can handle the new threats and is free from vulnerabilities that might have emerged as the business grows and technology evolves.

Digit Lab’s architecture reviews are able to uniquely identify all possible improvements while balancing appropriate levels of security personnel needed to not only deploy the solutions but optimally provide long-term support and management. At the end of the engagement, we provide a clear path for the necessary safeguards from the system of security controls in place, as well as any recommended expansion that can be incorporated into the environment to get the most value.

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What Digit Labs offers

Our extensive network architecture review consists of multiple technical and high-level assessments using some of the best tools of the trade. Our team consists of some of the most experienced and versatile cybersecurity specialists in Pakistan, who are also well-versed in network architecture. This helps us work on even the most complex of networks and ensure measurable security enhancements. Some of the key areas we look at include:

  • Network access controls and segmentation
  • Third-party and partner integration
  • Current network topology
  • Security architecture design
  • Existing security technologies, policies, and procedures
  • Business continuity, contingencies, and disaster response
  • Gap analysis of incomplete or improperly implemented controls