Breach and Attack Simulation

Test Your Security Resilience with Real-World Breach and Attack Simulations.
Di8it Breach and Attack Simulation Service (BAS Service) examine your network and security infrastructure as an attacker, finds the weakest link in your enterprise security, and performs attack simulations in an uncontrolled environment.

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BAS Service

Our highly customized, targeted and dynamic Breach and Attack Simulation Service (BAS Service) is the most effective solution to test an organization’s network resilience, effectiveness of implemented security controls, efficiency of current defenses and readiness to counter real cyber-attack.

Why Opt for a BAS Service?

Breach and Attack Simulation Service (BAS Service) effectively identify and minimize risks that less extensive security testing can possibly miss. BAS Service takes it a step further and ensures that no exploit goes unnoticed by simulating a real-world malicious attack on the organization’s network that manipulates any vulnerability it can find in the system. This helps identify security issues that could become a credible risk later on. Organizations intend to ensure that adequate security and controls are implemented which does not disintegrate in the face of a committed, deliberate attack.


Digit Labs conduct Breach & Attack Simulation Service (BAS Service) with MITRE ATT&CK to identify security gaps, highlight threat actor behaviors and facilitate understanding of attacker tactics, techniques and procedures to map out expected adversarial behavior. Using an inverse pyramid, we can illustrate the relationships between BAS, Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assessments.


MITRE’s Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK™) serves as a curated knowledgebase and model that reflects the attacker’s lifecycle and simulates how they would target and attack a network. It identifies the adversary’s preferred platforms and possible attack vectors based on previous, real-world attacks, ensuring network security by utilizing a thorough understanding of known malicious attack methods, and assessing the effectiveness of defensive measures.

Integrate with other Assessments

While we offer Breach & Attack Simulation Service (BAS Service) to our clients as a standalone Service, we recommend combining it with our offensive Security Services for optimal threat intelligence.

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