VIRTUAL Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Strategic and Executional guidance from Real CISOs| Reduce your risk profile with hands-on vCISO support.
Team up with a proactive, self-driven vCISO and protect your organization with the right strategic and operational vision along with long-term security program and policy design facilitation.

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Why opt for a vCISO?

Why Choose Di8it for vCISO?

vCISO is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations who need additional security expertise and guidance on implementing strategic plans, aligning with the business, managing existing projects and more. We can protect your organization at the same level you would expect from a full-time Chief Information Security officer through our vCISO service without the steep investment of executive compensation and their associated benefits package. Through vCISO service, an organization can stay on top of constantly evolving threats and regulations.

A virtual CISO is an assigned resource with experience building and improving information security programs. vCISOs conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s security posture to pinpoint weaknesses and optimize their security standing over the long-term.

Di8it has decades of experience; building information security programs that work with business objectives and show measurable improvement to security posture. We can provide an experienced vCISO who can support existing CISOs or step in to provide CISO-level leadership. Di8it vCISO delivers the adaptability you need to meet the demands of external influences such as customer requests, audit requirements, and rising threats. We can also provide support to clients challenged with defining, managing, and articulating the results of information security and risk reduction programs.

Types of vCISO

Interim vCISO

As interim CISO, during an absence period of a full time CISO or transition between two CISO, a vCISO will step in to advice security standards, review controls, and advise respond to incidents. We continually refining your approach to address the dynamic threat landscape along with industry best practices and regulations.

Advisory vCISO

Di8it’s vCISO advisory services offering is meant to be flexible to meet the needs of each of our clients. Whether you need high-level guidance on a monthly or quarterly basis or need hands-on help several days per week, our vCISO’s will be able to address your needs. vCISO advisory services are provided by former CISOs who have experience managing information security and risk management programs for SMBs, Financial Institutions, banks and more. Di8it matches their knowledge and skill sets with your specific needs and goals to deliver successful and long-lasting relationships.

Customized vCISO

Through our customized vCISO service, you can pick and choose a customized and bespoke vCISO service profile in accordance with your organizational specific requirements. Our team will work closely with you to provide a bespoke vCISO best fit for your institution.

Integrate with other Assessments

Our vCISO team can improve your security program, offering flexible vCISO options for different engagements along with individual security projects. Setting us apart from other vCISO providers is our ability to provide a dedicated vCISO. This means that, for every call, you’re reaching someone familiar with your business, your environment, your industry, and your team and someone who can advice based on this knowledge.

Let us show you the value in a complete security program and reduce your risk without draining your bottom line. Di8it can also extend our support with Managed Security Services for optimal benefits to our clients.

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