Offensive Security

At Di8it, Offensive Security Services are Not Just another Security Assessment. Our top tier security experts understand how attackers operate and plan an attack. Di8it Offensive Security Services also quest for vulnerabilities, conduct a rigorous assessment to find weak spots that can be exploited, pulling down your security, layer by layer, until having access to an organization’s most sensitive information.

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Manual vs. Automated Application Penetration Testing

Automated Application and network penetration testing tools might be great for preliminary scans but often fail to identify more subtle security flaws, associated risks and less obvious weaknesses which usually attackers look for first.Di8it focuses on further exploring the core processes of your application or network and then looks for exploits that aren’t easily visible.

Our offensive security experts have a deep understanding of networks and how even the minutest flaw can be used for significant breaches. The security specialists at Di8it often use automated vulnerability scanners in the preliminary stages of security testing for initial scans and intelligence gathering; We then move on to more advanced, manual tests to further explore your network from an attacker’s perspective and hunting down for the minutest of weaknesses or exploits it might have.

Digit Labs - Web Application Penetration Testing Service

Reporting Practices and Expertise

Di8it believes that Communication and documentation are key for the success of any security project. At Di8it, we pride ourselves on our professional, refined, and detailed documentation for clients through our exclusive Reporting Engine.

Extensive documentation process and standardized security assessment reporting ensure that vulnerabilities and security weaknesses identified in your system are addressed properly.  An organized and detailed security assessment report guarantees successful implementation of remediation efforts. We make it a point to keep everyone in the loop, from the developers and security engineers to the heads of information security, to ensure that everyone understands the assessment findings.

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Web App Penetration Testing

Preventive security control to measure Web Application Security. Stay ahead of your Adversaries with Di8it Web Application Testing Service which is based on the Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP).


Network Penetration Testing

Know thy network to measure your on-premises and cloud threat exposure. Your organizational network is only as secure as your infrastructure’s weakest link.


Mobile App Penetration Testing

Avert your Mobile Apps and API threat exposure from a potentially disastrous data breach. Extensive static, dynamic and source code penetration testing service supporting both iOS and Android Platforms


Breach and Attack Simulation

Test Your Security Resilience with Real-World Breach and Attack Simulations. Organizations intend to ensure that adequate security and controls are implemented which does not disintegrate in the face of a committed, deliberate intrusion attack.


Social Engineering Security Service

Deceptive Social Engineering attacks may provide assessment of your organization’s Cyber Security Posture. Di8it has targeted and focused Social Engineering capabilities to identify the vulnerabilities in the human chain.


Red Team Assessment

Targeted Assessments for Mature Security Teams. While traditional penetration tests are a great way to find inherent security weaknesses in a system within a predetermined scope, nothing tests your security better than an advanced, highly-targeted red team engagement.