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Communication and documentation are key and we make it a point to keep everyone in the loop, from the developers and security engineers to the heads of information security, to ensure that everyone understands the assessment findings.

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Web App Penetration Testing

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Network Penetration Testing

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Not Just Another Security Assessment

Our top tier security experts understand how attackers work and systematically hunt for vulnerabilities, pulling down your security, layer by layer, until they have access to your most sensitive information.

They use this understanding to find vulnerabilities in your system and conduct rigorous assessment to find weak spots that can be exploited. Once exposed, they find the best ways to secure those vulnerabilities so that no attacker can gain access to your system.

Refined, Standardized Documentation

At Digit Labs, we pride ourselves on our professional, refined, and detailed documentation. A properly organized, detailed security and test assessment report guarantees that everyone from your security engineers to your management understands the vulnerabilities in your system, and how we will address those weaknesses.

Our extensive documentation process and standardized reporting format ensure that.