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Security baselines across your organization

One of the most important parts of any security system is the configuration. Even the tiniest misconfiguration can result in some very drastic vulnerabilities. This is where Digit Labs comes in with our security configuration review services. We make sure that the configurations and settings of the components of your IT infrastructure, including network devices, systems, and applications measure up to CIS standards. As organizations grow and become more complex, their network infrastructure also evolves. That growth can result in misconfigured devices and systems, especially non-essential components.

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Our Specialties

Di8t Labs offers extensive coverage as part of our security configuration review solutions. To eliminate any vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, we try to be as thorough as the scope allows and scan components to benchmark them against CIS standards. Some of the key components that we check with our solution include:

Operating Systems including Windows Server and desktop builds, Unix based server OS

Network Devices such as switches, routers, and WAP

Database Servers like MySQL, MS-SQL, Mongo DB, Sybase, Oracle, IBM DB2

Web servers such as IIS, Apache, Tomcat, and Web Sphere

Perimeter Security Devices like firewalls, IPS, IDS, Gateway Antivirus, Mail Gateways, VPN Setups, and Firewall Management Systems

Internal Systems including File Servers, Share-Point, DLP, Certificate Servers, Log Servers, Print Servers, VoIP Servers, NAS, Backup Servers, Password Management Systems, and Surveillance Systems

CIS Benchmarks and Checklists

Some of our core resources are the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) industry-standard benchmarks and vulnerability checklists that we use as part of our solution. These benchmarks are widely recognized all over the world as the gold standard when it comes to secure configuration guidance. They help identify and mitigate known security vulnerabilities across a wide range of platforms. They also give a detailed description of the potential vulnerabilities and remediation steps. They enable us to streamline our reviews significantly while ensuring we don’t skip a beat.

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