Database Security

A Database Access Management (DAM) solution helps you to protect data that is crucial to your organization. It is intended to ensure data theft protection and meeting the data compliance requirements effectively. We provide you a greater insight for Database Security solution that recognizes your database assets’ potential and probable risks, certify sensitive data protection against inside threats and complies with your organization’s governance regulations. From administrative actions to user operations, Database Security solutions can help you detect any invalid or malicious activity and lets you manage your enterprise-scale data comprehensively.

Data Loss Prevention

As information moves in and out from your environment, it raises many alarms about security, privacy and compliance. All of this can be addressed with all-inclusive Data Loss Prevention solution which helps you to detect and prevent unauthorized exchange and usage of sensitive information and files through your network span. It lets you know where your data is stored across different networking platforms and premises, gives you a clear picture on how your data is being utilized by your resources; on or off the network and prevents data leakage and stealth regardless of storages type and utilization methods.

Data Masking

To increase data privacy and security, masking data in non-production environments has become a standard practice. Businesses face challenge to keep quality and realistic test data available in the testing environment without overrunning budgets. To keep referential integrity of sensitive data such as names, addresses, credit card numbers and other identifiable information intact, our data masking solution enables your testing and development teams to carry out testing activities with masked data smoothly and comply with regulations without compromising your business value.