Secure Coding

Best security practices are devised by considering language-specific structures and are used during configuration, coding and implementation. Thus, common code security breaches like code injections, malware injection, insecure database calls can be identified and reviewed before deployment. To analyse such details within your code, a thorough code scan can provide greater code visibility; revealing undiscovered security flaws, risks and vulnerabilities to the developer along with recommendations for fixes in the respective programming language.


Application Vulnerability Analysis

Though business over web applications promises greater productivity, it becomes a preferred target for the hackers and thus increases detrimental impact on your business. Web applications are a key platform for processing business transactions, communicating with customers with 24/7 availability to process sensitive information such as login ID and passwords, credit card details, personal data; exposing you to a number of vulnerabilities. They are often developed specific to business, therefore, are more likely to have hidden vulnerabilities such as malware, SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Attacks, because they are not rigorously tested as off-the-shelf software. By employing a web application security solution, you can better analyse all the hidden vulnerabilities and security flaws in your web application.